Our low carbon commitments

As a company with roots in the heart of Britain’s Energy Coast, we understand that we have a responsibility to help secure a sustainable future. We’re proud to say that we take this responsibility seriously. This is where you’ll see our Golden Thread at work.

Whether we’re considering new property developments, looking for further efficiencies at Westlakes Science Park, or out searching for opportunities in our local communities, we’re using our low carbon credentials to discover projects that are both economically viable and of real benefit to those living and working in the area.

We have bold ambitions for our energy schemes and want people to see the opportunities afforded by green technology, and the benefits of getting together to make exciting things happen.

At Westlakes we have plans to create a microgrid allowing for renewable energy to fulfil as much of the site’s electricity needs as possible in the near future. And we’d love to use the space for even more – solar farms, large scale energy storage, the possibilities are endless.

At a community level, we’d like to support local renewable energy generation for a sustainable, lower cost future. We’re inspired by energy projects, like crowd-funded solar panels placed on community buildings or industrial spaces, generating profits that can be fed back in to local investors or to fund local community projects.

We have the skills and experience to facilitate these schemes. We just need to find the right partners and investors to join us for the journey. Could that be you or your organisation?

Westlakes Pillar & pond

Building a sustainable future

We employ sustainable construction methods and materials today to lessen our impact on tomorrow.

When we’re planning the development of a new site, its impact on the environment around it is the forefront of our mind. And that’s how it should be. A commitment to green building is no longer an added expense, it’s a cost-effective, smart way of working. And by ensuring our developments are as sustainable as possible from both an energy and a resource perspective, we can reduce the long-term running costs of our buildings – as well as causing as little impact as possible on our planet.

Our steps make a big difference

One of our aspirations is to create real green energy opportunities for local people by generating apprenticeships and jobs for the school leavers that can manage and install these technologies.

We apply our Golden Thread to all our projects. For example, with our community commitment to sponsor Cleator Moor Celtic our aim is to help them to refurbish their sports facilities, reducing energy costs so that vital funds can be put straight back into the places they’re needed most.

BEC Energy

Join our team

As one of the region’s most dynamic organisations, we’re always looking to identify talented individuals who share our values. If you have the right skills, along with a desire to develop your career and help build extraordinary communities, we’d love to hear from you.

Something to say?

Whether you have feedback on a development project, you’re enquiring about one of our properties, or it’s something else entirely, we value your input so please do get in touch.