Westlakes Science and Technology Park Agreement to Conditions of Hire of Meeting Rooms

  1. All applications for hire of the conference / meeting rooms must be booked provisionally over the telephone and confirmed on the official conference / meeting room form
  2. To avoid abortive costs, cancellations should be in writing (email or letter), giving 24hrs notice. If notice is not given all services will be invoiced. If the meeting room is booked and cancelled on the same day, the full charge of the meeting will be incurred.
  3. Any complaints should be addressed to the reception of the building your meeting was held in and marked for the attention of the FSO’s within 3 days of the event.
  4. BEC does not accept liability for the loss of any property.
  5. BEC does not accept liability for theft from or damage to parked vehicles.
  6. Speakers / Presenters should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the Conference / Meeting, to familiarise themselves with the equipment and to check arrangements for refreshment / food.
  7. The conference / meeting room is available from 8.00 am to 17.00 pm Monday to Friday. Enquiries for bookings outside of these times maybe considered and will incur additional costs.
  8. All requirements must be stated on the booking form and returned to reception of the building the meeting is held in, marked for the attention of the FSO’s at least 7 days prior to the event.
  9. When making a reservation for a conference / meeting room, disabled facilities are provided in various buildings across the Park. Advice will be given at the time of booking.
  10. If any delegates attending the meeting have a disability, an appropriate risk assessment should be carried out prior to the meeting, i.e. fire evacuation etc.
  11. BEC does not accept liability for evacuation of delegates inc. disabled, in the event of a fire etc (only in extreme circumstances). This will be the responsibility of the meeting room co-ordinator / chair.
  12. The basic hire cost for each individual room are exclusive of VAT. Charges for additional services are extra. BEC reserves the right to review these charges from time to time.
  13. You will be invoiced by ECWC (P) Ltd. for the room hire and all services used.
  14. Payment can be taken by Credit Card (Not American Express). All card details to be given on the day of booking.
  15. Invoice queries must be made within 30 days of the invoice date.
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