Smart Micro-grid: Join us in making Westlakes THE ultimate sustainable business location

We will be hosting a first “Westlakes Smart Micro-grid Stakeholder event” at: Gunson Room, Ingwell Hall, Westlakes Science Park Thursday, 31 Jan, 2-4pm

Calling all Westlakes tenants: BEC would like to invite you to participate in the initial stages of planning for the introduction of a Low Carbon Smart Micro-grid based around Westlakes Science Park in Cumbria.

We will be hosting a first “Westlakes Smart Micro-grid Stakeholder event” at:

Gunson Room, Ingwell Hall, Westlakes Science Park on Thursday, 31 Jan, 2-4pm.

You are invited to attend, and our team will be on hand to explain the project in more detail. In the meantime, please contact us to confirm your interest and to ask any initial questions by emailing us

A word from our Chief Executive

Michael Pemberton BEC CEO“These are very exciting times at Westlakes – we have big plans for the enhancement of the Science Park, building on our introduction of gigabyte broadband across the site. The smart micro-grid is another important step in achieving our ambitious aspirations to create a better, more welcoming and varied offer to our tenants and neighbours. We want to build a sense of community and develop a wide variety of services that make the Park a much more attractive place for the 2,000 people who come to work here every day. We hope that you will join us on our journey.

Our smart micro-grid will move us towards a more sustainable Park powered by low carbon energy and significantly reducing our environmental impact. This is central to BEC’s philosophy and we invite you to join us on this next stage by finding out more about our micro-grid plans and helping us create a truly low carbon energy Westlakes.”

What is a Smart Micro-grid?

A micro-grid is a local energy network that connects users with locally generated renewable energy. The system is also connected to the national grid to allow the easy import and export of green energy between different users. What makes it “smart” is how energy is managed and shared across both networks.

What’s in it for you…. and us?

Whether you are a tenant, an owner-occupier, or a business landlord, there are wins to be gained from:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Net zero carbon energy use
  • Meeting your corporate sustainability commitments
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