We are looking forward to welcoming you back

We’ve been busy getting ready to welcome you back

We are excited that we will soon be welcoming everyone back to our premises across West Cumbria.

Our new newsletter is aimed at informing our team, our tenants and visitors what steps we have taken – and continue to take – to ensure that Westlakes Science Park is a safe and secure Covid-19 free environment for your return to work.

In it you will find how we are putting in place hygiene and social distancing measures as well as a raft of other actions across seven workstreams that we call our Safe Seven. Every workplace will change because of Covid-19 and Westlakes too is changing – we are really looking forward seeing more people on all of our premises and seeing life return again to Westlakes.

Please take a look at our newsletter – it is the first in a new series and we welcome your thoughts on what we are doing and suggestions for improvements.