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Chief Executive

About Michael Pemberton

Michael is an award-winning, strategically and entrepreneurial-minded senior executive with vast experience in public, private, third sector and non-government organisations. Michael took the helm as our Chief Executive in February 2015 and has led the company through major change which saw BEC become financially independent and sustainable with a commitment to deliver real change in West Cumbria through transformational property development.  Michael is a visionary leader and is passionate about building, growing and improving the performance of our team and our business.   Michael leads our team with purpose, inspiring action and raising aspirations.

Why BEC?

BEC allows me to connect and build fulfilling relationships that create prosperity and hope to those I serve. The power of the united team and a compelling vision and plan to achieve outstanding outcomes makes for a place of energy, hope, and optimism. I am driven by personal, team and organisational growth, which in turn, creates a better and fairer society.