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Head of Programmes and Support Services

About Sam Beardmore

Sam joined BEC after relocating to the area in 2021.  Sam has significant experience in project management and implementation.  Sam has been instrumental in driving forward partnership initiatives that create learning, employment and volunteering opportunities including the Community Garden, Forest School and Tree Planting activity at Westlakes Science Park.  Sam is always looking for ways to unlock potential within our local community and collaborates with both internal and external partners to create an impact and deliver against our purpose.  Sam works closely with our CEO, COO, Director of Properties and other partners making sure our people and our business continue to deliver lasting social impact for West Cumbria.  

Why BEC?

I’ve never worked anywhere like BEC, everything is focused on making a real difference within our local community and it’s incredible to be part of the team. I particularly enjoy working to protect our natural environment and increasing biodiversity. My role requires collaboration both internally and externally across a wide variety of organisations and charities to delivery our purpose – collaboration is absolutely key! Working at Westlakes is also a huge benefit, where else would I spot a pine marten on my afternoon break!  For me BEC equals Brilliant, Effective and Compassionate.