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BEC grounds maintenance team donate a tree to brighten up Ashfield School

Our grounds maintenance based at Westlakes Science Park, have donated a hand-selected Oak tree to Ashfield Infants and Nursery School in Workington. to support them with the development of a Forest School.

The school put out a call for donations as part of a bid to create a Forest School and Facilities Service Officer Nicola Cairns, whose daughter Bella attends the school, was quick to check if newly formed BEC Grounds Maintenance team had any trees that could be spared from the mature woodland at Westlakes Science Park.

“Steven Parry, our Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, was only too happy to donate one of the BEC trees to the Forest School,” commented Nicola. “He even chose an oak tree especially as this is the name of Bella’s class.”

Increasing the number of trees and plants in working and learning environments is not only valuable for the wellbeing of those who spend time there, but also for the environment. “We’ve put a lot of time and effort into cultivating the landscape at Westlakes and we were delighted to share this tree with Ashfield Infants. We are fully supportive of their desire to create a Forest School.” added BEC CEO, Michael Pemberton

“2018 will see us increase our engagement with our community in this hands-on way,” confirmed Adam Philips, BEC’s Community & Energy Officer. “From volunteer working groups and fundraisers to the exploration of community energy groups, our team is dedicated to making a difference wherever we can.”

Ashfield is still on the look out for more trees. Head teacher, Rachel Field, said “Donated trees can be as little or as tall as you would like. Our aim is to create a woodland that helps our children and our wildlife flourish, through attracting birds and insects whilst promoting well-being. Engaging with the natural world is vital to our children’s health and happiness. We really would be thankful for any donations and all trees will be carefully looked after in the years to come.”

Anyone who donates a tree is welcome to come and plant it, and Adam and Nicola couldn’t resist bringing the tree to Bella and her class personally. “She really loved getting her hands dirty and getting involved with the planting,” said Nicola. “With oak trees living for more than 700 years it’s incredible think of how many generations of our family might be learning next to it.”

From left to right Bella, Nicola Cairns and Adam Phillips get ready to plant the hand-selected Oak tree at Ashfield School in Workington.