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Natural Capital

Investing in our natural assets

Committed to a better future

As custodians of Westlakes Science Park we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously.  We are committed to protecting and improving the natural habitat for the various species that thrive at our park.

What are we doing to improve biodiversity?

We are committed to protecting the natural environment that surrounds our assets.  

We undertake activities to manage and improve the natural habitat and protect wildlife. 

We plant trees, hedges and wildflowers, improving the diversity of vegetation providing a source of nectar for butterflies, moths and bees and food sources for birds and the thriving population of red squirrels at Westlakes Science Park. 

We manage non-native species that threaten the success of other species.

Our in-house grounds maintenance team manage 9 ponds and over 265 acres of footpaths, woodlands and grasslands at Westlakes Science Park.  

We encourage responsible use of our green spaces by our business and local community and support outdoor education activities. 

We work with partners

We’ve worked with some amazing organisations to preserve our Park including Westlakes Red Squirrels, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Cumbria Woodlands and the Woodland Trust. 


BEC are committed to preserving the built and natural environment we look after now and in the future.


Westlakes is also home to a diverse wildlife population including deer, foxes, red squirrels, hedgehogs and rabbits and a thriving bird population, our resident swans, ducks and waterhens can often be found enjoying our ponds and entertaining our tenants and visitors. [INSERT ANIMAL IMAGES]

To date, we’ve already worked with some amazing organisations to preserve our park including Westlakes Red Squirrels, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, Cumbria Woodlands and the Woodland Trust.

BEC will protect and increase biodiversity at Westlakes Science Park.

During 2021 we worked with the Woodland Trust to source 2,500 native tree saplings and 90 larger ornamental trees to be planted at Westlakes Science Park. The local community were invited to assist us with planting. The trees will encourage biodiversity, improve access routes for our red squirrel population, support our pollinators and improve carbon capture on the park. [INSERT 2021 IMAGE OF TREES NOW GROWN]

This year,  we will plant over 3,000 trees and hedging plants with the help of our local community. Funded by Cumbria Coastal Community Forest Foundation, planting is expected to start mid-March 2023. If you’d like to get involved, please contact Samuel Foot (our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Co-Ordinator) via email:

With support from Cumbria Woodlands, we’re working to produce a woodland management plan, to ensure we’re protecting and maintaining our woodlands effectively to help biodiversity continue to thrive here at Westlakes. [INSERT WOODLAND IMAGES/TREE PLANTING]