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Our Westlakes Team, led by the intrepid Steven Parry and David Bond rescue the mother swan from a tricky situation on one of our ponds. Great job, guys!

Successful Swan Rescue at Westlakes

Our Grounds Team are known for going above and beyond, and when one of our resident swans got tangled up in the pond where she and her partner are taking care of their brood of cygnets – our team stepped up again to save the day!

Our resident swans at Westlakes are loved by everyone who works on the Park and are a great attraction for local walkers, cyclists and other Park visitors. They have been known to stop traffic on the Park ring road.

Recently our mother swan got herself tangled up in the pond and despite being on a day off – Steve and David rounded up a boat and launched a rescue attempt to save the damsel in distress. A few minutes later the drama was all over and mother and cygnets were happily reunited, much to everyone’s relief – and a well deserved round of applause for our daring duo.

The swans on Westlakes are just one of the many wildlife attractions at Westlakes – deer, rabbits and red squirrels can be seen on a regular basis, and our resident honey bees make sure that our wildflowers blossom year after year. We welcome visitors to the Park to enjoy the magnificent views of the fells and ask only that you leave no footprint and respect our beautiful landscape and wildlife.