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Westlakes Science Park has been part of a drive to encourage more red squirrels in our part of the world and it’s now been confirmed that we have at least two resident reds thanks to a recent camera survey.

The West Lakes Squirrel initiative set up a covert camera at our squirrel feeder and found two distinctly different critters making visits on pretty much a daily basis.

One has a very distinctive ‘blonde’ tail and the other is a more uniform dark ginger colour.

Given the time of year, it’s likely they are a breeding pair … so maybe the pitter patter of tiny paws will be heard soon!

Have you seen our reds? Take a snap if you are quick enough and send it to us at – all sighting info helps with conservation efforts.

The beautiful surroundings at Westlakes are looked after by our dedicated Grounds Maintenance team and we undertake programmes to actively encourage wildlife and improve enjoyment of our site.