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Changes to parking at Westlakes Science Park
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In response to feedback we're making it easier to park at Westlakes Science Park so you can make the most of your visit.

Bill Graham, Head of Investments said :- 

“We’ve introduced automatic number plate recognition technology to improve security and make sure our customers and visitors can make the most of their time at Westlakes.”

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Changes to parking at Westlakes Science Park

We want to make sure our customers and visitors can make the most of their time when they visit our properties. In response to feedback and monitoring we are making changes to on-site car parking at Westlakes Science Park to make sure you can get a parking space where and when you need it.

What does this mean for you?

We have been rolling out parking control measures ver the past few months including Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology and designated parking areas for tenants, building users and other visitors. 

You will have seen contractors on-site carrying out surveys and maintenance works.  We’ve installed ANPR cameras, building sign in systems and pay and display ticket machines across our car parks at Westlakes Science Park. 

These measures have been implemented in response to feedback from tenants and visitors and are designed to ensure all users can make the most of their visit to the Park.

Read on to find out what this means for you …

I'm visiting or working in a building owned by BEC

We own and operate Ingwell Hall and the Pavilions, the Innovation Centre, Fleswick Court, Galemire Court, Kelton House and Robinson House.

If you work in one of these buildings your vehicle details will be stored in our central database and you will be able to use the car park seamlessly.

Our team have been gathering vehicle data via the main contact for your company. If you want to notify us of a change you can email

I'm visiting a meeting and events space owned by BEC

If you’re visiting our meeting spaces at the Innovation Centre or Ingwell Hall you will use our designated visitor parking areas at the Innovation Centre or Robinson House.

You will provide your vehicle registration details when you sign in to the venue.

I'm visiting or working in another building on Westlakes Science Park

Our parking control arrangements do not extend to the other buildings on the Park. If you work in another building local parking arrangements will continue to apply.

We’re happy to collaborate with other building owners as we roll out parking controls across the Park.

Get in touch with Bill Graham or Andrea Bird on 01946595200 to find out more.

I'm visiting Westlakes Science Park for something else

If you’re visiting the Park for any other reason you will be able to park in designated Pay and Display areas.

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